Excellent. That pretty much sums it up. 5 Stars Steve L.
Beauty lawn spray has done a great job on my lawn! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality lawn spray service with great customer service. 5 Stars William A.
I have worked with this company for the past few months and they do great work. My lawn looks great!! 5 Stars Nicky V.
Dan is the most polite, courteous, and professional associate I have ever dealt with! He is a customer service master! Glad that we are doing business with Beauty Lawn, where FINALLY customer service means something! Thank you. 5 Stars Emily J.
With nearly 50 years experience, BeautyLawn Spray proudly offers a 7 application program consisting of weed control, fertilization and lime, resulting in a thicker, greener and more healthy lawn. BeautyLawn Spray offers a 6 application program for your shrub beds to help them be insect, fungus and disease free. We offer both pre-emergent to help stop weeds from emerging and a post emergent for the weeds that are already up. This program does not include trees or shrubs above 8 feet tall. BeautyLawn Spray now offers a program to help with lawn pests and annoying insects. This program will eliminate most problem insects (spiders, fleas, ticks, armyworms, chinch bugs, spittlebugs, and some flying insects) in your lawn for about a month. Aerating your lawn breaks the soil surface by removing plugs from the ground. The benefits of core aeration are: fertilizer, oxygen and water can now enter the soil more easily, better water retention, earthworms and other beneficial organisms have room to live. Healthier grass means fewer weeds. Grub control is necessary for many customers in the midsouth. Grubs live just beneath the soil and feed on the root system of grasses. The damage they cause is characterized by brown dying turf and in severe cases turf that can be rolled back like carpet. Grub worms are one of the main food sources for moles and therefore grub control can assist in mole prevention. Fungus can be devastating to a lawn. BeautyLawn Spray has a program to help keep fungus problems in your lawn at bay. Fungus spreads quickly and in order to prevent long term damage please call immediately if you notice any fungus growth. BeautyLawn Spray offers Fescue Seeding for our customers with too much shade to grow Bermuda or Zoysia. We use a triple blend fescue seed that has an excellent success rate of germination and is a great alternative where your warm season grass is thinning due to a lack of sun.
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BeautyLawn Spray, Inc. has been servicing the mid-south for over 50 years, continually striving to become, not the biggest, but the best lawn care company. We value our customers and employees equally and expect our employees to carry on that tradition of pride in their work. BeautyLawn has experienced phenomenal growth from 75 customers in 1968 to the well over 7000 customers in 2019, with word of mouth being our main form of advertising. It is our desire to help make your lawn - a BeautyLawn. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eniLxcJRTTY Serving the Mid-South
's lawn care needs for over 50 years.