• You treated my lawn today and it is uneven/striped/spotted?

    If the application was a pre-emergent, then the color will look darker around the edges of the lawn where they out-lined the property and then the stripes/lines are from where they over-lapped the chemical while spraying the lawn. If it was a fertilizer or lime application, the blue spots are from where the tech sprayed the weeds in the lawn. If a customer has a Fescue, then it is usually not treated with the same chemicals as Bermuda or Zoysia, therefore, it will not have a blue tint. We suggest that you take a wet paper towel and wipe it over the area in question and it should have blue on it, unless it is fescue, new sod or a newly seeded area.

  • You treated my lawn yesterday, 2 days ago, last week, etc. and the weeds are not dying?

    It can take up to 14 days for the chemical to work and some chemicals can take up to 3 weeks. Some weeds will require a repeat treatment and the tech will make a note of the issue so we can return and address the problem. Some of the weeds may have to be mowed before they go away. Some of the chemicals we use are growth inhibitors which work differently.

  • We have mushrooms, what do you offer to get rid of them?

    Mushrooms are a Fungus. We do not treat for mushrooms. There is no real treatment for mushrooms.

  • You treated my lawn and now the grass is dead or dying?

    This question usually occurs in the fall after the first frost and what you are seeing is the damage from the frost. It can also occur during the mowing season because they have mowed at the same height, same direction and they are cutting the new growth or "green". We ask of you to lower your blades a couple of notches, cut one time and then raise them back up. This normally solves the problem.

  • When should I mow my grass for the first time each year?

    When to mow depends on the grass height, weather, etc. The first mowing should be done at the lower setting on the mower and the grass clippings should be bagged.

  • When should the last mow of the season occur?

    The last mowing should be done before the grass goes dormant and should be mowed at the highest setting on the mower.

  • Do I bag the grass clippings?

    We do recommend that you only bag the grass clippings during the first mow of the season and then after the first mow, you should use a mulching mower and leave the grass clippings as an organic source of food for grass.

  • My grass has a striped appearance/ the color is uneven?

    Click here to see how a lawn should look if it was just cover sprayed. If this is right after a pre-emergent application, this is how it is suppose to be. The uneven color is from where the lawn tech overlapped his passes. If this occurs when we are fertilizing, a service call may be needed. Call our office to schedule an appointment so we can check and correct the problem if necessary.